Summer Camps 2018


Bully Awareness Camp: July 16-20. This camp will focus on preventing verbal and physical bullying and on giving your child the tools to counter the most common types of assaults on children. Self defense, survival tools, and basic ground awareness are the hallmarks of this camp. 

Kids Jiu Jitsu Camp: June 18-22 and July 23-27. These camps are designed to introduce your child to the sport of Brazilian jiu jitsu along with the workouts and drills to increase their success in the sport. The first camp will focus on take downs, guard passing, and submissions from top positions. The second camp will focus on guard retention, sweeps, and submissions from the guard. These camps require your child to have a uniform. If your child does not have a gi, we will offer a $25 discount on one at the time you sign up for either camp. 

Kids MMA Camp: Aug 12-16. This camp will teach the basic strikes, takedowns, and finishes of mixed martial arts. It will introduce your child to the basic conditioning workouts and drills associated with mma training. This camp requires that your child have hand wraps and mma gloves. If you do not have them we will offer a $20 discount on purchase of them at the time of sign up. 

Camps will run from 1230-330 Monday through Friday. The cost is $175. Space is limited and we already have several spaces filled. Contact us to secure your child's spot today.